Hi everyone!

This is just a reminder that we’ll be holding our Piezo Drumpad workshop tonight at 7pm! We’ll be using an arduino and a piezo disk to make a MIDI drumpad. If you’ve filled out the reservation form for this workshop, make sure to come pick up your kit! We’ll be handing them out tonight from 6pm to 7pm at Curry Student Center #340. We’ll also be handing out stickers and leftover hardware kits from last semester. If you’d like to grab one of those, feel free to stop by!

The software downloads for the workshop are below:
Install Python:
Install Arduino IDE:
Download LoopMIDI (If you’re running Windows):
Download Waveform Free:
The code to connect the arduino to MIDI:
The code we’ll run on the arduino:

See you soon!

When: Tuesday, March 16th 7:00PM (EST)
Where: Zoom! (Meeting ID: 991 5365 6679)