It is essential to mix different sounds in a recording so that these sounds are put together cohesively, but what do you do when your mix is done? Find out next Monday, where Prof. Jim Anderson will discuss how to master an audio mix!
The meeting will be held in the mastering classroom at 458 Ryder Hall. Due to the physical restraints of the classroom, the meeting will be limited to 16 people. Please fill out the registration form below to reserve a spot. People who sign up after the 16th member will be placed on a first-come-first-serve waitlist. We will confirm everyone’s attendance Sunday night, so if you sign up and find out you can’t go, please let us know so someone on the waitlist can take your place.

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When: Monday, November 21st, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM  

Where: 458 Ryder Hall


Mixing is the process where you take a multitrack recording, and arrange the tracks in a way that makes sense. This is done to produce a professional audio track. Mastering is the process of balancing sonic elements in an audio mix and optimizing the mix for distribution. The final touches are put on the track to bring out certain sounds, such as compression, limiting, and equalization. Prof. Anderson will discuss how audio mastering is performed to make the best-sounding track possible.

Featured Speaker:

After high school, Mr. Anderson toured for a year as an original member of Liberty/United Artists’ recording group “the Jackals”, and began working as a studio guitarist in the NYC area. In 1974, he graduated with a B.M. in Applied Music from Berklee College of Music, where he taught guitar and theory for five years. As one of the founders of Sound Techniques Recording Studios in Boston, for the last 19 years he has performed on, produced and/or engineered dozens of projects with artists as diverse as Yo Yo Ma, Guns ‘N Roses, Livingston Taylor, and Clark Terry. He has been composing for over twenty years, and has worked extensively for The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and Animal Planet. He has won numerous awards including a Platinum Album Award for “The Spaghetti Incident” by Guns “N Roses, an ITVA Gold award for “Ninety Years” for Monterrey, Mexico, and an ITVA Gold Award for the score for “Bass Shoe of Wilton, Maine.” His most recent project was composing original music for Boston University’s newly opened Welcome Center.

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