At this meeting, there was an overview of how cross-domain analysis can be applied to build intuition for loudspeaker behavior in the electrical, mechanical, and acoustical domains. The talk also included a treatment of how multiple drive elements are combined into a full-range system.
Guest Speakers: 
Eric Freeman has a background in electrical engineering, physics, and music.  He has been working at Bose Corporation for 19 years as an acoustical engineer and manager.
Mike Stark graduated from Northeastern with a BS in electrical engineering in 1992 and an MSEE in 1996, emphasis in signal processing.  He worked as a co-op with Bose in 1991, and started full-time in 1994. He currently works as an Audio Systems Engineer, working on various products in both the acoustics and DSP realms, ultimately responsible for overall product sound quality. He also plays drums, bass guitar, and guitar, and is an active musician in the Boston area.