Artificial Intelligence in Music Software with iZotope

We are excited to announce that our next meeting will be with iZotope! They are a music software company based out of Cambridge. Two research members, Gordon and Matt, will be discussing their new, innovative software, Neutron! This essentially uses signal processing and machine learning in order to automatically master music tracks. Come grab a slice of pizza and learn about the future of making music! When: Monday, February 6th, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Where: 108 West Village G Description: Izotope is a music software company from Cambridge, MA which is using machine learning to change the way music is made. Their latest product, Neutron, automatically picks presets based on how a track […]

Build Your Own Arduino Synthezier!

Happy new year, and we hope you all are enjoying this semester! Come join us next Monday, and create your very own Arduino Synthesizer! This synthesizer generates professional-quality instrument tracks and sound effects. The process is quite simple, and we will provide everything you need to complete the project.  All you need to bring is a laptop, and when you’re done you can even keep your project! Feel free to check out the instructions and videos of the synth in action at the bottom of the email! Description:  In this workshop we will be making 4 voice synthesizers which you will be able to take home with you. The synthesizers […]

Create Your Own Single-String Instrument!

Have you ever wondered how your electric guitar turns the vibration of a string into a signal that travels through the cable? Have you ever wanted to do it yourself? Then we have the workshop for you! Join NUSound in our final meeting of the year next Monday, where we will make a simple electric string instrument from materials you can find around your home. It’s totally free, along with the awesome food we will have! We will also have Eboard elections, so come out and vote! If you’re interested in running, please prepare a short speech about why you think you would be a good fit. We will have […]

Frequency-Domain Representation of Sound — w/ Prof. Mike Frengel

Music Composition and Technology Professor Mike Frengel will be giving a talk on the spectral-domain representation of sound next Monday! Grab a slice of pizza and learn how this representation affects the way we analyze sound and how sound can be transformed. When: Monday, November 7th, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Where: 110 Kariotis Hall Description: Professor Mike Frengel will be discussing spectral-domain (or frequencydomain) representation of sound and how it can be used for the analysis and transformation of sound. While time-domain analysis demonstrates how a signal changes over time, frequency-domain analysis demonstrates how much of a signal lies within a given frequency band over a range of frequencies. It […]

4.8.2016 – Acoustics & Us

Ever wonder what makes music sound so good? Now’s your chance to find out! Join RAs Alyssa and Alden, and Berklee College of Music students for an acoustics discussion about making music from the perspective of a musician and engineer withBerklee professors and alumni. See the brand new recording studios in action and don’t forget to bring your instruments or voices! You might get a chance to record your first hit! There will be some time to play following the event. When: Friday 4/8 at 3:30pm Where: Meet in the Stetson West lobby to walk over to the brand new 160 Mass Ave. building Sign up using this link: The first 25 […]

03.15.16 – SASE Career Panel

Join NUSound and Northeastern’s chapter of The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers at this year’s SASE Career Panel. The theme of this career panel is on exploring your passions, whether you are still an undergraduate, graduate or even in the professional work setting. Come gain some helpful advice on what to expect in each of the different industries available to explore as well as what you may do in each type of job. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ask questions and continue to find your passion if you are still unsure. Everyone is welcome! Here is a link to the event page: The career panel is completely free […]

2016.2.24 – The Geometry of Music

Northeastern Professor Hubert Ho will lead a presentation next Monday on the geometry behind music.  If you ordered a T-shirt, please bring your $5 to this meeting.  As always, pizza will be served. Featured Speaker:  A native of Louisiana, Dr. Hubert Ho’s compositions have been performed in Carnegie Hall and at the Kennedy Center for the Arts. He has written on embodied cognition, harmony and psychoacoustics, and the music of Edgard Varèse for such organizations as the International Conference of Music Perception and Cognition and the Music / Sound Art Symposium in Karlsruhe, Germany. He has worked as a Fulbright Scholar in the Czech Republic, creating original music and researching the music of […]

MFA Music Exhibit Tour

Next Thursday NUSound will be visiting the musical instruments exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts!  Admission for students is free (just bring your NU ID)!  The tour will be on Thursday (Not Monday) of next week, and we will meet outside our normal location at 6:45pm and walk over to the museum together.  If you can’t make the earlier time, we are aiming to be at the museum at 7pm, so meet us there.  Details of the T-shirt orders will be taken care of at our February 29th meeting.